We are a team of highly motivated enthusiasts putting in our best efforts to develop top quality free to play Android and IOS games for your pleasure.


At Kool Games, our vision is to create happiness in your life. To work towards this vision we are always looking for new ways to make you smile. We believe that, one of the ways our vision can be achieved is by bringing you the mobile games which can give you utmost pleasure at play.


Mission of Kool Games is to be recognized in the world as the no.1 developer of top quality Android and IOS Games. This mission of ours is fully aligned with our vision and will help us in achieving it in an accelerated manner.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop top quality Android and IOS games in following domains:
    • Hunting
    • Fighting/ War
    • Shooting
    • Racing
    • Flying
    • Sports
    • Kids Learning
    • Simulation
  • Continuously improve our games to best meet user demands
  • Identify and work on new ways to bring more fun to the users
  • Develop top quality games for kids learning

Our Team:

We have a team of highly skilled develops, designers, artists, modelers, researchers and quality experts. Every individual in our highly motivated team is fully focused in delivering the best quality of work.